The new combination Coleus leemannii (N.H.Hahn) A.J.Paton for Rabdosiella leemannii N.Hahn (Lamiaceae: Nepetoideae: Ocimeae)




new combination, nomenclature, South Africa, taxonomy


The new combination Coleus leemannii (N.Hahn) A.J.Paton is provided for Rabdosiella leemannii N.Hahn (Lamiaceae: Ocimeae) from South Africa, a species that was overlooked in the recent synopsis of subtribe Plectranthinae.


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Manning, J., & Paton, A. (2023). The new combination Coleus leemannii (N.H.Hahn) A.J.Paton for Rabdosiella leemannii N.Hahn (Lamiaceae: Nepetoideae: Ocimeae). Bothalia, African Biodiversity & Conservation, 53(1).